In Sydney, one million for motor-protection guardrails

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In Sydney, one million for motor-protection guardrails

The allocation guardrails of the regional council: the sections most at risk of accidents and those most frequented by motorcycles will be monitored .

For the first time since the enactment of the safety guardrails decree , a region takes the initiative and allocates one million euros. This is what the Regional Council did, on the proposal of the Councilor for Infrastructure and Territory. These particular guardrails called road safety devices for motorcyclists- said the councilor – are able to mitigate the consequences of possible falls of drivers and passengers of motorcycles and in some cases they can save lives”.


The measure is linked to the decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of 1 April last and which provides for the obligation to install motorcyclist barriers on all circular curves characterized by a radius of less than 250 meters in cases of new construction.

Adaptation of existing road sections that involve variations of the layout or renewal of road safety barriers on significant guardrails sections, or on existing roads not subject to intervention but where at least five accidents with deaths or injuries have occurred in the three-year period, which have seen the involvement motorcycles or mopeds. All except for financial coverage.