Roof Repair Tips: How to fix Roof Leaks

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roof leaks

Roof leaks and Solutions

The symptoms of the appearance of leaks in the roof can be various depending on how the water seepage occurs.

The analysis of these symptoms by a srbs specialist will be crucial for an accurate diagnosis that determines the origin of the leak and the most convenient, effective and long-lasting solution.

Usually a roof leaks tend to cause damage to the ceiling, which is reflected by stains on the paint, peeling off it, along with the appearance of chips and mold on ceilings and walls. Additionally, for filtered water to manifest itself, it must break through various materials causing structural damage in its path.

Collaterally, it can cause electrical problems if the water reaches a device, which can cause short circuits or damage to electronic components.

Likewise, when water falls from the ceiling, some types of wooden floors such as parquet or parquet and furniture can be damaged, as moisture is absorbed by the wood with the consequent swelling and deformation of the material. 

Although in many cases the cause of water leakage may be due to a breakage or defect in a pipe or drain joint (for which it will be necessary to have the help of a plumbing professional), the vast majority of the roof leaks occur by default in the waterproofing of the roof.

roof leaks

Most common causes of leaks:

  • Lack of impermeability in the materials
  • Poor bonding of materials
  • Deterioration of the sealing of the structures

Type and location of roof leaks:

  • Roof leaks, terraces and upper floors: These are the most common, due to failures in the waterproofing of the roof.
  • Leaks in floors and intermediate apartments: Usually caused by damage to pipes, pipes and other related to plumbing.
  • Leaks in bathrooms and laundry rooms: Environmental humidity can cause condensation on the ceiling, leading to the appearance of stains and mold.
  • Leaks in garages: These are usually caused by poor waterproofing of the floor of patios and areas above the garage, from which water seeps, although it can also be a damaged pipe.

Tips against the appearance of roof leaks

  1. Do not use plastics or plasters on the affected areas.
  2. Do not try to plug the roof leaks by painting or patching. This does not fix the original problem and the roof leaks will reappear.
  3. Do not put electrical appliances, electronic devices, tables or furniture that could be damaged near the roof leaks.
  4. Do not underestimate small humidity. It is better to address the problem sooner.

How to fix leak problems and fix the damage caused?

Although the solution and repair of a leak varies depending on where it occurs and the cause of it, as a general rule it involves locating the point of origin, cleaning the area and damaged materials and, once the area to be treated is clean and dry, carry out a correct waterproofing of the surface, sealing the point through which the water seeps.

The products to be used for the correct waterproofing of the affected area will depend on the materials and location of the surface to be treated (tile roof, patio floor, smooth surface, etc …). srbs, manufacturers for more than 40 years of construction products and  waterproofing products , will be able to provide you with all the necessary material, whether they are putties for fixing problems, products to ensure watertightness, water-repellent mortars or cements , special resins for sealing, insulating coatings. or paints designed to waterproof surfaces.

For the application of the solution, especially in places that are difficult to access or dangerous due to height (such as a roof), we have experienced and specialized personnel in waterproofing techniques.

Contact us and one of our specialists distributed throughout Australia will be there to provide you with a FREE Quote and repair estimate with NO COMMITMENT.

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