15 Best Wine Label Design you would buy

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15 Best Wine Label Design you would buy

We all know the basics: in general, Wine Label Design red wine goes with meat and white, better paired with fish and seafood. We have half way. Now comes the hard part. You could spend hours in the wine aisle of the supermarket or liquor store but, no matter how much you read the poetry that hides each of the bottles on the shelves, you would still have no idea what the best option is.

Many choose to be guided by the price, many others know that a good design always wins and although the wine may not be the best in the store, they are taking a small piece of art on the label.These are 15 wine label design, by Spanish and Latin American artists, that would make you look like a master of oenology.

The Smile of Tares by Wine Label Design

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Tares is a young white wine with a variety of aromas. Based on this, the Spanish study created a wine design kaleidoscopic label that shows the various flavors and textures in a completely visual way, focusing the design on a young audience, who is still beginning to know the world of oenology.

Daniel Morales and Javier , are and teach the course of Design and Production of a wine labeland, of course, they have designed many of them for large producers.This, specifically, represents the globe, unquestionable icon of and shows the premium character of a wine that is characterized by being made from 8000 centenary strains.

Three varieties and three labels that, Wine Label Design with the same style, show the notes of each wine through a differentiated concept.Following wine lable design a linear design, the Catalan designer manages to focus the varieties within the same brand.

This is a production limited to 99 bottles, so Oriol Pascual, who is a master of calligraphy, has numbered the labels one by one with watercolor to simulate the color of the wine.With this work, the designer demonstrates that, although is focused on those who want to use this discipline to design the label for a beer, it is also applicable to other types of packaging.

Playing with the concept of naming and the color of the wine itself, David Thomas makes use of a dynamic, young and Wine Label Design fresh typography to dress the bottle of a wine that distills precisely the same notes as the design that represents it.

wine label design

The name, comes from the color of the land of its vineyards. The design studio opted to give continuity to that concept to create the label of the different varieties wine design (red, white and selection)representing the strata, reinterpreting Wine Label Design them to show the character of each wine.

Wine Label Design is not only limited to the label, but also includes the shape of the bottle, which serves as a distinctive and contrasts with a minimalist labeling in which the relevant wine label design information shows a clearly differentiated position with respect to the less important.

More than an ornament or an informative element, the label of this black wine is a story told through linear Wine Label Design illustrations.These represent the historical ages that Palau has lived from its origins to the present and invite you to get to know the surroundings to enjoy a medieval experience.

An A of and a perfect game of geometry, combined with the always effective black color and golden ink are enough to give a touch of elegance to a large reserve. The more modest varieties wine label design use the same label with different color combinations in an equally effective way.

An original concept that needs no more design than the universal symbol of babies on the way a stork furrowing the sky from Paris with a small one, wrapped in a sheet, subject to the beak.The perfect Wine Label Design gift to celebrate with those who have just been parents.

A perfect example of how a simple label can combine concepts with a simple image.The invisible man notes speak of licorice aromas and balance of flavors, that clicked on the head of the Maba Studio design team and decided to transform that flavor into a tight rope.

A provocative and young wine that breaks with that certain solemn air that still stains the world of oenology. Dialog incorporates current and unexpected elements in old illustrations wine label design to show the character of a range of wines that were born to break molds.

Alba is the final project of the course Design and Production of a Deluge E studio wine label , which shows the different varieties (young, aging and reserve) through the evolution of wine making in each of its stages and the appearance of new nuances that are drawn on the same essence.

Tinaja is an wine that has adopted the decoration of ancient amphorae, directly engraved or printed on the container, to denote the traditional character of its production.

Lady of the Heights’ is the result of the dream and effort of three brothers, that’s why Yoruba decided to make three Wine Label Design different designs for the same wine. The three have in common the die with the iconic figure of a thrush, bird that symbolizes the mark, the illustration is the differentiating element of each of them.

Which of these wines would you Wine Label Design buy by looking wine label design exclusively at the design, regardless of the quality of the liquid in your bottles? Do you know any design we have missed?