What you need to know to choose a real estate agent for you

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The day has come when you need to sell or buy a property. There is no shortage of those who tell you that you can do it yourself. However, you do not have time to start looking for the property you need and everything related to legal procedures you prefer to delegate to someone else. How to choose a real estate agent that suits what you are looking for and need, begins to haunt your mind.

The real estate agent is a professional who will facilitate you to achieve the best real estate negotiation, whether you need to buy a property or sell. He will advise you on the pros and cons of a property or client, and will take care of the tedious work that is all the administrative and legal management.

However, if you start a search on any social network, you will find that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate consultants in your area.

Making the best selection is the beginning of a relationship that will yield the expected results. But where to start?

Keys to choosing the perfect real estate agent

1. Look for recommendations

It is obvious to say, but it is obviously the first step. Among your circle of friends and friends there may be someone who has worked with a good real estate agent, who does not hesitate to recommend them widely. It is the beginning, but it is not the only thing on which you should base your decision.

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2. Confirm your credentials

Ideally, you choose to work with a professional, certified real estate consultant. It is not just about someone selling your property or helping you find a property. The real estate advisor fulfills a series of functions that go beyond just showing properties.

It is recommended that you confirm that you have the credentials to practice this profession; both with the proper training in a relevant organization, as well as being registered with the professional association of real estate brokers in your area.

3. Ask and analyze the answers

To choose the real estate agent you need it is important that you ask him to explain how his work process is. To do this, the ideal is that before deciding, you have an interview with the possible candidate to be your real estate advisor. This is crucial to make the best choice.

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In that interview it is essential that you ask:

  • What types of properties do you specialize in? Selling luxury mansions is not the same as specializing in offices or corporate spaces.
  • How many properties or clients are you working with when taking your contract. A professional with too many clients in his charge, may not have time to serve you.
  • With what type of clients, it relates (target). Ask if it has a database of clients interested in the location of your property. An affirmative answer will save the process time.
  • How you evaluate and discriminate between potential stakeholders, who are the potential customers. Rather than receiving a lot of visits, it is better that your agent can choose among the possible interested parties, which ones have the greatest potential to negotiate.
  • How is the promotion plan of your property that will be executed? It is important that they explain what tools they will use to communicate that your property is for sale or rent. Also, how photos or videos will be taken.
  • How they will organize visits to your property. This aspect is fundamental both to guarantee your safety, that of your family, and that of your property; as to create the ideal environment for the client to fall in love with your property.
  • Do you collaborate with other real estate agents to expand the sales force? A negative answer may be indicative that he is a person who will only ensure his commission, rather than your interests as his client.
  • Do you have market studies in the area? A professional real estate consultant will not take the price at which you want to sell or rent as the last word. If the price at which you aspire does not correspond to the reality of the market, a responsible agent will tell you why it does not work and will give you the numbers that prove it.
  • How you qualify the ideal buyer or lessor to close the business. Of course, here it is not only important that the potential client has the required budget, but also that they have the legal credentials to execute the transaction with full transparency.
  • How much will your fees be. After answering all of the above questions adequately, it is important to know your commission amount. If there is a collaboration with other agents, you should also know how the commission is.

As you may have seen, selecting the best real estate agent for your requirements involves a more in-depth analysis than simply whether it charges more or less per commission. This professional is your ally to achieve your purpose of buying, selling or renting.

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