Sports physiotherapy, objectives and benefits

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Sports physiotherapy, objectives and benefits

Sports physiotherapy is a specialty within our discipline, which focuses primarily on treating people who perform sports, either on an occasional basis or who dedicate themselves to it professionally.

Physiotherapist newcastle all know the importance of exercising to lead a healthy lifestyle, but always adapting the sport, Physiotherapist newcastle choose to our tastes and our needs.

For that, you have to take into account the physical state in which you are, keeping in mind that if you start from scratch or return after having an injury, you will have to do it progressively to avoid injuries and overloads.

At this point, the physiotherapist has an important role as it can advise you on which exercise may be the most appropriate according to the moment.

Sports physiotherapy

Having said that, what are the objectives of sports physiotherapy?

  1. Treat injuries produced during the sporting event.
  2. Help return to the exercise after an injury.
  3. Teach specific empowerment exercises to recover and prevent.
  4. Adapt and prepare the musculoskeletal system of the athlete to the training he performs.
  5. Advise on how to perform a proper warm-up and a return to optimal calm for the athlete and recommend stretches adapted for the sport performed. This point is key to remember that physiotherapy not only acts in the field of treatment of injuries but also plays a very important role in the prevention of them.
  6. Deriving other professionals: as physiotherapists there are times when treating an injury we realize that the athlete may require some adaptation in the equipment used, so there are times that Physiotherapist newcastle recommend going to the podiatrist to make a study of the footprint and solve imbalances that injure long-term or prevent the total recovery of the pathology that the patient comes to our office. There are also times when Physiotherapist newcastle suspect that a wrong sports gesture has caused the injury, so Physiotherapist newcastle urge the athlete to review the technique with his coach to avoid recurrence.

The techniques aimed at athletes that Physiotherapist newcastle use in our clinic include massage, osteopathy, stretching, psychokinesis, functional bandages, contraceptive exercises, dry needling, via cutaneous fibrinolysis, advice on the type of activity that you can perform according to your physical condition, adaptations you need in case that you already do some sport, recommendations to carry out the warm-up and the return to calm.

Sports physiotherapy

If you practice a sport or want to start doing it, remember that Physiotherapist newcastle are here to help you. Physiotherapist newcastle remind you how negative it is to lengthen an injury without treating it, as it can delay the return to activity or even cause other damages to occur triggered by the adaptation that our body makes to pain.

Do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of professionals and encourage yourself to lead a healthy life!

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